Healing gardens with adapted furniture

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Healing gardens
with adapted furniture

Medicine, insights of many life sciences and the view of an artist converge in the creation of healing gardens, that truly correspond to the needs of residents,
their visitors and the nursing staff.

A garden converts into a healing garden, when it is part of a coherent nursing concept. When we created the garden “art, mémoire et vie” of the Paul Spillmann center in Nancy, we wanted to go one step further. We wanted true synergy between science, medicine, nursing, and art through integration of a biodiverse garden, art work, cultural references and adapted furniture in cohesive way which harmoniously blends with the surrounding architecture.

In cooperation with Dr. Thérèse Jonveaux of the university clinic in Nancy, and BEEOdiversity, a Belgian firm, Reinhard Fescharek works in a multidisciplinary consortium, which in close consultation with concerned institutions develops custom made therapeutic gardens.
He is responsible for therapeutic design and artistic approach, which is a peculiarity of this pretty unique consortium.

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healing gardens, sculptures and furniture

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